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4 shrimps (big), 1 stem of lemon leaf, 2 red chili peppers, 10 cloves of garlic, 2g green peppercorns, 3 cups of oil, some salt, 1t cooking wine.

(1) 1t cooking wine, 1t lemon juice.
(2) 1/3t salt, 1/3t caster sugar, 1T chicken broth, some ground white pepper, 1/2T light soy sauce.


1. Soak shrimps in water with some salt for 30 minutes; Lift the shrimps up; Rinse and drain; Shell but keep the head and the tail intact; Slit twice at the back of the shrimps and remove veins; Rinse and drain; Thread each shrimp onto a bamboo skewer; Marinate the shrimps in seasoning (1) for few minutes.
2. Rinse and drain lemon leaf; Discard the stems; Chop the leaves.
3. Peel, rinse and drain garlic.
4. Rinse and drain red chili peppers; Discard the seeds and stems; Chop finely.
5. Rinse green peppercorns and drain.
6. Pour 3 cups of oil to a deep pan; Bring to the boil over a high heat; Turn to a low heat; Add the shrimps; Deep-fry over a high heat till golden brown; Lift the shrimps up immediately and drain; Turn off the heat.
7. Wrap each shrimp with kitchen paper; Remove the bamboo skewers; Set the shrimps aside.
8. Set the oil aside, leaving 2T oil in the pan; Heat over a high heat; turn to a low heat; Add the garlic; Stir-fry over a low heat till fragrant; Add the green peppercorns, the red chili peppers, and the lemon leaf; Drizzle with 1t cooking wine; Stir-fry over a low heat for 30 seconds; Add seasoning (2); Return the shrimps to the pan; Stir-fry over a high heat for 1.5 minutes; Turn off the heat; Arrange on a serving plate.