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6 pieces of pandan leaves, 85g glutinous rice flour, 300g shelled green beans, 25ml oil, 4T water, 3 cups boiling water, 1.5T wheat flour.

(1) 40g caster sugar, 80ml coconut milk, 20ml oil, 1/8t salt.
(2) 45g rice flour, 25g wheat flour.
(3) 70ml condensed milk, 150ml water.


1. Soak green beans in water for 7 hours; Lift the green beans up; Rinse and drain; Arrange in a shallow wide baking pan; Pour boiling water into the pan till covering the beans with 1cm-high water on the top; Arrange in a steamer; Steam over a medium-high heat for 35 minutes; Remove the pan; Strain the green beans through a sieve to get rid of any excess liquid; Mash.
2. Add the smashed green beans and seasoning (1) into a non-stick pan; Stir till well mixed; Cook over high heat till half liquid is dried out; Gradually sieve 1.5T wheat flour into the mixture; Stir till well mixed; Turn to a medium-low heat; Stir-fry over a medium-low heat till dry (about 30 minutes); Turn off the heat; Cool at the room temperature.
3. Heat a deep pan with high heat; Turn to a medium heat; Add glutinous rice flour; Stir-fry over a medium heat till slightly brown; Turn off the heat; Set the flour aside to cool.
4. Rinse pandan leaves; Wipe-dry with kitchen paper; Cut 4 into pieces; Add to a blender; Add 4T water; Blend into puree; Strain through a sieve.
5. Strain seasoning (2) through a sieve to a big mixing bowl; Strain 55g glutinous rice flour from the step 3 through the sieve to the bowl; Gradually stir in 25ml oil; Stir clockwise till well mixed; Gradually stir in seasoning (3); Stir clockwise till well-mixed; Add 40ml pandan puree from the step 4; Stir clockwise till well blended; Strain through a sieve to a shallow wide baking pan; Level the surface.
6. Arrange the pan in a steamer; Steam over a medium-high heat for 25 minutes; Set the pan aside and cool at the room temperature.
7. Knead the steamed flour mixed from the step 6 into smooth dough; Divide into 30 equal portions.
8. Divide the green bean paste from the step 2 into 30 equal portions.
9. Pour remaining glutinous rice flour from the step 3 into a flat plate.
10. Put 1 portion of dough on palm; Flatten it bait with thumb; Place 1 portion of green bean paste at the center of the dough; Roll the dough to wrap the paste; Roll into a ball; Dust the ball in the glutinous rice flour; Shape with a cake mold; Set aside on baking paper (repeat the step till the ingredients are used up).
11. Cut the remaining pandan leaves into halves; Arrange on a serving plate and arrange the pandan cakes on it.